In the first few months of life this wool clothing from controlled organic livestock provides a very healthy "environment" for the newborn. We offer our soft baby apparel predominantly from size 50/56.

For all babies who can not wear wool, we offer a wide range of certified organic cotton.


Striped Jumper
Jumper Cotton
Striped Jumper Cotton
Striped Leggings
Striped Hat
Striped Booties
Striped Leg Warmers
Baby Hat
Baby Hat Camillo
Hooded Cardigan terry
JaPu terry
Navel Trousers terry
Dungarees terry
Overall/Sleepsuit terry
Sleeping Bag terry
Bonnet terry
Baby shawl
Sleeping Bag terry with sleeves
Sleeping Bag terry without sleeves
Fleece Sleeping Bag with Sleeves
Fleece Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag with Sleeves
Sleeping Bag
Plush Sleeping Bag with Sleeves
Plush Sleeping Bag
Baby Blanket
Striped Baby Blanket
Fleece Baby Blanket
Fleece Baby Blanket with Icebear
Fleece Baby Blanket with Elephant
Fleece Baby Blanket with Ladybug
Baby Blanket Cotton
Striped Baby Blanket Cotton
Nappy Cover
Double Knitted Nappy Cover
Striped Nappy Cover