In the first few months of life this wool clothing from controlled organic livestock provides a very healthy "environment" for the newborn. We offer our soft baby apparel predominantly from size 50/56.


We introduce you to our new »Twist« collection. These are the classics with that certain something. 3-thread-knitted with fine certified organic merino wool. Lightweight yet warming, yet thin enough to accompany your child through many days of the year. The delicately incorporated twist pattern combines a classic knit with modern trend. The warm colours can be perfectly combined with each other, but also wonderfully with our fleece jackets and fleece vests.

Jumper Twist
Double Layer Hooded Jacket Twist
Overall Twist
Navel Trousers Twist
Hat Twist
Blanket Twist

Jumpers & Co.

Our Classics!

Striped Jumper
Striped Leggings
Baby Hat

Wool/Silk 70/30

The highlight of our wool/silk terry is that the handle side has been processed inwards. The result is a noble, fine shimmering sheen of the silk part on the outside and a spacer knit on the inside. This creates an air cushion between the body and the fabric, which is very temperature balancing. The 30 percent admixture of silk further enhances the wool. The material is somewhat smoother and feels even more pleasant on the skin than pure wool. Babies with sensitive skin benefit greatly from this. The materials wool and silk complement each other ideally by their properties.

Overall/Sleepsuit terry
JaPu terry
Baby shawl
Navel Trousers terry

Sleeping bags and TOG

For many parents it is a challenge to find the right one in the wide range of baby sleeping bags. The choice is almost inexhaustible: unlined or lined, with or without sleeves, made of natural textiles or synthetics, with down or with fleece ...

With the TOG system, customers are given a tool to help them decide which sleeping bag is right for their individual needs. TOG defines the heat transmission value of a textile. The higher the number, the greater the insulating property. You can easily find out your baby feels comfortable and sleeps in the right sleeping bag. Cool little hands or feet are quite normal, but if they become cold and pale, then your baby needs to be wrapped up warmer. If, on the other hand, the neck starts to sweat or the head is warm or red, the sleeping bag is too thick. Your midwife will certainly be able to help you. She will definitely have some advice for you.

Please also see our specially compiled brochure »Sleeping Bags«, which you can request from us at any time or download from our homepage.

Sleeping Bag terry with sleeves
Sleeping Bag terry without sleeves
Fleece Sleeping Bag with Sleeves
Fleece Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag with Sleeves
Sleeping Bag

Swaddle Blankets

As a blanket in the stroller or car seat, as a cuddly blanket for cozy moments or as a puck blanket, they are often companions for many years. Especially the knitted wool or cotton blankets are excellent for swaddling.

The special wrapping technique creates a cocoon that gives newborns the feeling of security they are already used to from the confined space in the womb. Mainly premature babies, restless newborns and cry babies can benefit from this. As a rule, they sleep more peacefully and longer, or are more easily calmed.

The flexibility of the knitted blankets does not constrict the babies as much as rigid cotton sheets and thus leaves them a little room for movement. Parents should seek advice and guidance from their midwife.

Baby Blanket Sissi
Baby Blanket
Striped Baby Blanket
Fleece Baby Blanket
Fleece Baby Blanket with Icebear
Fleece Baby Blanket with Elephant
Baby Blanket Cotton
Double Knitted Nappy Cover
Striped Nappy Cover