Washing Instructions

For the cleaning and preservation of your textiles we recommend the products offered by the company Ulrich Natürlich:

The following instructions are best for Merino virgin wool, Silk or Merino virgin wool/Silk.

Cotton made items may be washed in the washing machine without problems. We recommend a temperature of 30°C. Cotton diapers can be washed at 95°C. Please do not tumble dry outerwear.

Machine washing

light-duty wool detergent
special wool wash programme
cold water (below 30°C)
For best results fill the washing machine half to three quarters. Make sure that either a spin stop is set or spin speed is less than 400 revolutions.

Hand wash

light-duty wool detergent
maximum temperature of 30°C (please use a bath thermometer)
Avoid the clothes rubbing strongly against each other or exposing them to strong mechanical stress.
Do not soak the clothes for more than 5 minutes. During the rinse cycles please pay attention to not create a high variation of temperature to the washing temperature. If possible, use the same temperature for all stages of the washing programme. If temperatures used are too high, this will inevitably leads to fibre mingling.